Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to serve the West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce as Board Member and Chairman. I am grateful for the hardworking board members and committee volunteers, who through time, effort, and financial commitment, utilize their business and work experience to set viable goals and create initiatives for the West Calcasieu region.

The Chamber strives to advance the West Calcasieu region by providing a voice for economic, educational, social, and public growth in our region. Some of the many ways we do that is by hosting networking, training, and education events throughout the calendar year.

West Calcasieu is an excellent place to do business and an excellent region in which to live. As the Chamber of Commerce Chairman, I want to challenge you to connect with your peers today and become a proactive member of West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce. I encourage each chamber member to actively promote the West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce business climate by being patrons of our local membership directory. Working together promotes a stronger voice with our elected officials and within the business community. We will continue to pursue excellence in all that we do at the Chamber and for the West Calcasieu cities of Sulphur, Vinton, and Westlake.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.

Nicholas A. Sheppard
West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to West Calcasieu, it’s an exciting time in our area. This is a time of change and tremendous amount of new opportunities. We are in a phenomenon that will require us to welcome a greater number of people at one time than we ever have before. There is an excitement in the air about the West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce (WCCC), we are already seeing the impact: Existing businesses are expanding; new businesses are arriving; property values have soared; available property is being purchased; new apartment complexes are being built; new subdivisions are being developed; and new restaurants and stores are opening. New Business, New People, and a New Energy is evident in our area. The West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce (WCCC) represents the interest of area businesses at the federal, state and local levels of government. Our Chamber also helps to create economic development and improve community quality of life. WCCC is comprised of Sulphur, Vinton, and Westlake, 3 small cities working together to develop an attractive, powerful force in the area’s economy. The Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce is part of Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance with Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Allen and Jeff Davis Parishes. West Calcasieu is the 2nd largest city in the parish. We invite you to enjoy our community, whether you are a visitor, new comer, business prospect or resident. Our location, natural beauty, climate and small-town atmosphere offer a unique place for your family or business. We are extremely proud of our locally owned businesses, restaurants and specialty shops where people know their regular customers by name and are always ready to welcome a new face with a warm and friendly Southwest Louisiana smile or a handshake. With all the new development in our area truly “All Roads Lead to West Calcasieu” come join this exciting time with us and be a part of our wonderful community.
Lena McArthur
Executive Director
West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce