Having a Grand Opening

The West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce is pleased to participate in your Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting celebration. In doing so, the Chamber will assist you in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and/or serve as official greeters for your event.

It is necessary as a host of your grand opening that:

  • A ribbon will be provided. We will provide a standard color ribbon for the event or you may choose to provide something associated with your business---for example, at a past grand opening of a movie theater, a strip of film was used---a lumber yard sawed through a board, etc. If using a ribbon, please use ribbon with wire. Refreshments may be provided for your guests and they have ranged from cookies and punch, to catered hors d'oeuvres---to a full sit down dinner. You should do whatever you feel is appropriate for your business and your budget.
  • If you would like your facility to be viewed, consider conducting a tour of your business. For many folks that they may have never seen the "behind the scenes" day to day operations of your business. You may want to select various products that you sell and arrange them in a display---or let guests sign up for a drawing to win them. Great ideas are giveaways or specialty engraved items that have your logo on them.
  • Any desired publicity is your responsibility. The Chamber can assist with names and addresses of dignitaries, elected officials, and/or community leaders to invite to your function.

A sample agenda of how the event should unfold could be  as follows:

A sample agenda of how the event should unfold could be as follows:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Congratulations from the Chamber and other Officials
  • Comments from Owner or Investments Group
  • Dedication Prayer
  • Ribbon Cutting
  • Questions from Guests
  • Tours of the Facility
  • Refreshments

Pictures of your ribbon cutting/grand opening will be featured in the Southwest Daily News and on the Chambers Facebook---West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce Please feel free to call our office, 337-313-1121, should you have any questions or concerns.